Welcome to THE NAS Trading Post



Below are available fish from the following club members.  If interested in a fish please reach out to the member. 

Listing does not guarantee fish is still available. 

If you are a current member in good standing and would like to list your fish email Ben (ben.chalfin@gmail.com) after our monthly meeting a list of fish and your best contact. 

No dry goods can be posted only fish and inverts.

Basil Holub basilfish@yahoo.com

Breeding groups 

  • Peacock Gudgeons 25


  • Mel  Kamaka  50
  • Mel  Herbertaxelrodi 25  trio
  • Gloss. Incisus 2 pair  30.00

Also.  Free for your garden

  • Canna lily bulbs
  • Sunzilla. Giant sunflower  seeds 10 to 14 ft tall.  Very cool!!

Will trade fish also

Need Plants  for ponds too!!! 

Sal Silvestri salsilv44@yahoo.com

  • Scleromystax Barbatus FKA Corydoras Barbatus - fry
  • Assassin snails
  • Lamprichthys tanganicanus - fry

Dan Katz dankatz117@gmail.com

  • Corydoras adolfoi juveniles
  • Callopanchax occidentalis  (very colorful killies)
  • Danio margaritas (celestial pearl danio)
  • Virgin female guppies (many of them)
  • Female blue gularis adults

Karen Feld Email 24khope@gmail.com put trade fish in subject

  •  Super Red BN pleco ( Ancistrus sp. Super Red)
  • Apple Snails( Ampullariidae ) various sizes gold, white, blue, striped
  • Cherry Shrimp (Neocardina heteropoda)  regular cherry

Karen Feld
Email 24khope@gmail.com put trade fish in subject
Or however you want to communicate!

Mark Paturzo, willy@helpwillysfriends.org

  • Corydora Black Venezuelan 
  • Corydora Barbatus
  • Corydora Gold Laser
  • Corydora Sterbai
  • Corydora Albino
  • Bloody Mary Shrimp
  • Blue Dream Shrimp