About Us

What occurs at our meetings?

Each meeting provides either a speaker or program dealing with various aspects of the tropical fish hobby and is open to the general public without cost.
Raffles, door prizes, auctions of rare and exotic aquarium fish, refreshments, and chit chat with fellow hobbyists are a few of the benefits of attending. 

When do we meet?

The Norwalk Aquarium Society meets the third Thursday of each month (except July and December).  

Where do we meet?

Meetings are held at Earthplace - the Nature Discovery Center located at 10 Woodside Lane in Westport, CT at 8:00 PM.  

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What is BAP?

Breeders Award Program (BAP) is a program recognized by many fish clubs across the country with three main goals.

1) To encourage the breeding of aquarium fish;

2) To encourage the maintenance of endangered fish species; and

3) To recognize achievement in the breeding of aquarium fish.